of Women.

June 30, 2010

Let’s be clear.
As a creature, I don’t like you. I don’t respect you. I have no use for you, but uses.
I think you shallow, petty, vindictive, hypocritical, spiteful, catty, weak and most of all vain.
So vain, in fact, you are left unable to think or act afield of it.

I had hoped, in my impressionable youth, that this was not true. I had hoped to take you seriously. I wanted you to recognize that, could you, just for a moment, let it go, the vanity, and realize you were so much more complex than your mirror…that I might.
Yet, as I watched you, you watched her. Judging, appraising and with malice.
In the end, always failing to compare and I, grieve the potential.

You engage in gross naiveté, willingly. Demanding to be understood but unwilling to offer the means. Wanting instead, to employ telepathy. You desire protection and safety but begrudge those who would.

Even clearer.
As a force, you have no equal.
Your want and ability to nurture has seen to the advance and elevation of humankind. Your willingness to love blindly has seen to need in every life touched by it. You are healing, in a world of fractures and grace for those who would otherwise falter.

You have started wars, and stopped them. You are the core of religions and the need for them. You have launched fleets, bore icons, moved mountains and are the cooler head that prevails.

Your strength is only surpassed by your instinct, compassion, and your tolerance for pain and grief. Some your own and often that of others.

I have no use for you, but uses.