This clearly is not the big one, but exemplifies how the big one can, and will, happen.
Since I was a boy, I’ve had a fascination with Extinction Level Event scenarios. Eschatology, Apocalypse. Rapture etc etc.
I’ve seen every watchable movie on it. I’ve read every novel I could, and even tried my hand at writing my own story about the End of Days.
My own, was a blend of science fiction and religious mythology. The delivery method, was much like what we are seeing hints of today. A deadly virus
A reasonable combination of the machinations of Nature, thwarting unreasonable population growth in any one species, and consequently, that species battle to stem the onslaught of natural culling, with technology.
Interestingly, it may be technology that ultimately is our doom. In 1918, the Spanish Flu wiped out 1.7% of the World’s population.
That was relatively recent but, even then, the World was much more provincial than today.
For the most part, populations were static and aside from minuscule migrations, mass travel was restricted to conflicts. Such as was WWI. 

Today, of course, the World is much smaller, hugely more populated, and most importantly, accessible.

Everyone flies. Everywhere.
So, when it does happen, it will be virtually unstoppable.
For me, the fascination lies in how Mankind moves to stop it, and the rippling consequences of those measures.
How shutting down air travel tanks the economy, causing sudden hoarding, causing price gauging, causing rioting, causing looting…and so on.
And me, there, on my porch in a rocking chair, double-barrel to my hip, smoking hoarded cigarettes.
I also enjoy considering (assuming I survive any infection) where I’d go, and with who. How we’d get there. What or who we’d encounter once civilization collapses. Fight or flee instincts. Pack or solitary? So many options, questions, hazards.
God, I can’t wait. Seriously.
Obviously we’ll survive this drill, test run, of the Coronavirus.
But it may behoove you pay close attention to how people around you react, and take notes.
When shit seriously goes South, pick your associates very carefully, according to skill set.
Sentimentality will be very low on the list of required skill sets.
As will dietary restrictions.
Basically, you’ll want to be on my Team.
Apply within.
It’s coming.