of Arizona.

July 2, 2010

I had not planned on voicing an opinion but I’ll be damned if I’ll idly standby whilst Shakira voices HER non-citizen opinion.
Interestingly, her and I are in concert. It’s a stupid law.
Though not for the same reasons.

Like I give a crap about illegal, resource sucking, havoc wreaking aliens.
I care about giving the cops more ambiguous power.

My fellow recalcitrants out there, only too familiar with the warm hood of a patrol car on our faces, the small comfort of sitting on a curb, handcuffed, having our belongings, persons and dignity rifled or the inconvenience of being booked on a holiday weekend, purposefully, and not getting OR’d till Tues for not displaying the proper regard for their authority…know also what a crock of shit “Probable Cause” or “reasonable suspicion” is.

Ultimately, they will, with this added authority, invent PC and it will take a high dollar lawyer to contest it. Very few targeted by this law with have such resources. Once given, these powers are never rescinded and the body always seeks more.
While the Right is incredibly naive in it’s declarations of the rule of law, the Left is equally thin in it’s solutions.

I will offer mine.
If the big concern here is that of racial profiling then I think a National ID card may well have to be considered. Only those in the States legally could get one and EVERYONE would be required to carry it. The cops, in turn would require EVERYONE to produce it. Done…and done.
It’s a different era folks. The expectations of liberties, decades past, are sorely tested. With unique hurdles and varying consequences.

2 Responses to “of Arizona.”

  1. Uncle Joe said

    Never thought of this law as the lawyer’s full employment act of Arizona but now that you mention it. I’m not sure if this changes my opinion or not. In any event, much ado about nothing…..

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