of This Land is Your Land.

July 2, 2010

I propose we open a business, you and I. Something small to begin with but with great promise and potential. Huge expansion probable.
For the most part we have what inventory or resources we need.
What we will need, from the gate, is labour. Hired hands.
We can offer more than just steady employment, we can offer a piece of the pie.
We might even consider an ad, of sorts. Perhaps something like “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses”, you know…entry level, huh?

After we have hired all we need, divied up the pie, we can take down the “Help wanted sign”. Cant we?


Will we, out of some naive sense of obligation, continue to hire? Asking more of our tenured employees, to make room for the less fortunate. Asking more but, unfortunately, offering less.
They wont mind. That was why they applied, part of our allure. They got a chance, a good start. They will certainly want everyone else to have the same and will gladly take a pay cut to make it possible.
No…we are no longer profitable but look!! See what we have been able to do…the huddled masses…
outside..our doors. Shut. Out of business.


Guy holding the sign..It’s “BREATH FREE”, not “be free”.
You may want to revisit the idea of mandatory English skills for immigrants.
Mention it to the President while your at it?

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