of Freedom of Speech.

July 3, 2010

Jake is a friend of mine, in the Military.
Patrick, also a friend of mine, made a comment about the flag…Jake responded with threats of violence.
I said…

For my part, I am pleased, grateful and reassured that you, Jake, are willing and able to protect Patrick’s hard won (by others) right to feel and speak to, however he might, our Nations grandest symbol
But however he might, he must be able to.
I dont think your valiant efforts and sacrifices were to dictate what speech is included in the First Amendment, but that the First Amendment exists.
It is prevalent throughout our nations history, that those whom most enjoy these hard won freedoms, are in fact the very same whom take them the most for granted and one might argue, do the least to preserve them. In this case. I would be remiss to not suggest that it is indeed Patrick’s ilk that contribute profoundly in curbing the very same freedoms of speech they so enjoy. In the guise that is political correctness.
Nigger, Kike, Faggot.
All offensive. All intended to demean, abuse or debase. All generally disallowed. And NONE would be tolerated amid Patricks own congregation. Yet are they any more offensive then the proffering of hatred and disrespect for what someone else holds dear and sacred?
I submit that freedom of speech, by it’s nature, is equal. That all expressions, hateful or otherwise, are allowed and is at the heart of who we are as a Nation. Separate from the Parliaments of Europe, with their ever intrusive manners of governing.
Thank you Jake, for what you do and thank you Patrick, for reminding us why he must.

4 Responses to “of Freedom of Speech.”

  1. Patrick said

    I have a congragation? SWEET! I should definitely be monetizing that….

  2. Patrick said

    holy crap, I spelled congregation wrong. there’s nothing so wit-deflating…

  3. K8 said

    Oh great Priest of Free Speech. The left saying we don’t want you to say that is not equal to the right threatening violence when they get offended.

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