of Technology.

July 3, 2010

I have the suspicion, had I not left the States, Circuit City® would have not had to shut their doors.
I am and have forever been, the quintessential consumer.
In truth, it’s not really a matter of spending money, per se, but what I spend it on.
I am my Father’s Son and MUST have the latest version of any gadget. At any cost.
I’m stupid like that.
Like my old friend Patrick , I will pay list price, the day of release, to upgrade an existing item or to have the next bad-ass technological accoutrement.
Unlike my named contemporary, I do NOT have to explain said purchase to my wife.
I can think of no better reason to NOT have a wife.
I love my gadgets and the thought of watching the money I could be using on something wireless, be instead put towards diapers, lots and lots of diapers, would reduce me to tears.
I’m selfish like that.
With all the trials of these times, I still consider myself fortunate to be a witness to the incredible and exponential change in technology. For better or worse, I am a willing participant.
Interestingly though, I find, of all my toys, Ipods, Phones, laptops, Bluetooth helmets, my newest and favorite technological innovation is…my laceless Chucks™.
What will they think of next? Elastic waist Dickie® shorts?? Sign me up.
I’m stupid like that.

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