of Ablutions

November 13, 2010

'scuse me...could you pass me some paper?

I wish they could.
If I had my way, everyone would serve in some capacity. The young, the old, infirm and healthy. Men, Women and transgender.
If I had my way, it would be compulsory. Want an higher education? Cool!…sign here. Like that heath care? Awesome!…drop and give me two…years.
I wouldn’t insist on the Military, there are many ways to give back to the society and Nation that has seen so thoroughly to you.
If Gays want to join the Military and join the ranks of so many that have fought for us, protected us, given for us, sacrificed. If they care to be enlisted with those other brave and honorable souls deployed domestically and abroad, apart from Families and Friends, living in less than optimum conditions. If they want to be Patriots, I say…let em!!
Ahhh…but there’s a problem isn’t there?

As far as I can tell, the greatest concern and the single barrier to Gays serving openly is what the Pentagon has tactfully dubbed “Morale concerns”.
I read this to be that in light of the communal habitat environment that is inherent to military life, straight Men, and some Women, are wary of co-habitating, showering and performing daily and essential ablutions, with another that might, possibly ~gasp~ peek.
I know better. I’ve been in many such situations. Military and…uh…confinement. Both were shared by openly gay and assuredly, closeted, Gay Men. I can’t recall ever feeling as if I were being cruised or spied and certainly never assaulted.
That either speaks to my lack of desirability or to the outright absurdity of the argument.
That’s done nothing to have the showers and restrooms of Women flung open in welcome to me.
Yea. Fat chance.

The Military is restricted in the field to it’s resources. With the advent of Women in theater, the Military had to dramatically adjust and accommodate. Some would argue, at the cost of effectiveness. I don’t agree but if Gays are allowed to serve openly, The same accommodations would have to be considered. Or…all facilities must be co-ed. Right?
For the record, I’ve no interest in sharing washrooms with Women. I’ve worked in too many clubs and seen the disparity in waiting times for Men and Women’s restrooms, but I do think that I should be allowed the same discriminations as are afforded them.

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