of Conservation

June 15, 2011


We're making voters in in case they try and pass a helmet law

I ask you, Why…am I having to flush three times if the icebergs are melting?
If…I need stay in the shower twice as long just to rinse off the soap, where is the savings? Were I to use three times the see-through toilet paper to get the job done, how many trees need be felled?
I’m no economist and struggle with the simplest of calculations but this hardly seems like work for a mathematician.
I’ll not argue the realities or myth of global warming with you, or if without the intrusive embrace of conservationists and their dictates, we are doomed. I will only relay that a little more than one hundred years ago, there were just over a billion souls on the planet. Today, we fast approach seven. That…is exponential. Bordering parasitical and as do parasites, we stand to exhaust our host. This notion that we might ration the inevitable, a finite resource, while still, with expediency, grow in number, is ludicrous.
Consequence. I’d rather you quit breeding than I have to pay $200 dollars a day for a shower that rivals the penitentiary.
That’s not to suggest we need be wasteful. Awareness can only help, simple acts of habitual reserve might help stem the tide but will not, cannot, do more than postpone.
In the increasing climate of superfluous mandate, if this be our lot, why pause at flow restricters in shower heads? Why not consider and enforce crowd control?
I absolutely detest the idea but am a realist.
If I must convince you I’ve the capacity to cut and style hair, frame a home, or drive a car. If I need license to trade stocks, teach children or produce food…why on earth wouldn’t I need to show cause and benefit to produce offspring?
I hear you, an abominable scenario, yet… We are there.
I no more care for the notion of a bureaucrat determining my worth or promise as a parent than you but that I allow them as much influence in every other facet of my life, suggests it’s a small step to take at this point and possibly one with the greatest of results.
“Mrs Smith, your application to procreate has been denied. Feel free to appeal. That you, yourself, don’t work or pay taxes, nor your spouse or any of your dozen children, should leave you at ease to pursue our lengthy appeals process…Next!!!”

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