of Anonymity

June 30, 2011

The Masons have a handshake and innocuous greeting, Program enlistee’s have the word “Anonymous” to be anything but. Undiscriminating Men have three quick foot taps from the adjoining stall to be co-joined, Deadheads, despisers of uniformity and The Man, have Tie-Dye and Birkenstock. Liberals have…the Bumper Sticker.

Not exclusively, of course. One might spy, if paying close attention, a sticker adorned to some large, gas guzzling SUV, suggesting one Right leaning candidate or another, even an occasional spirited rebuff, of a kind, directed at a prevailing Liberal policy.
Generally speaking, that would be the full intent. Not so for the Liberal.
For the Liberal, the Bumper Sticker is a  a membership card. A cry for other like minded Prius drivers to acknowledge them as fellow magnanimous, free thinking,

Peace Sister.

peace loving, erudite, progressive, intellectually endowed rescuers of Humanity. A phenomenon dubbed by a Friend of mine as the “wink wink” factor. Not nearly as concerned for Bake Sales or Co-existing as they are for you to permit or nod entry to that coveted and regaled spot, the doors and walls of the Bastille, so that they might fling them open!, knock them down!, allowing the prisoners of ignorance, so long chained and sheltered, to be free and warmed, nourished in the light, the illumination of their omniscient embrace!!!
I’ve actually argued the opposite is true. That were Liberals truly able to convert the masses, that they would flee the ranks in droves for less fed upon pastures. Disregarding the obvious,  to why the field might be absent or vanquished of herd.
That they might be common, unrecognizable in the throng, share a widely held belief or Faith, could never be acceptable to the sticky backed vinyl crowd.
Oh no.
For them it isn’t simply enough that they suggest, or propose. For them, it’s an insistence. That you be aware of their thoughts, attitudes and profane expressions. To advise you personally would never do. They need a vehicle to spread their intent. A billboard, on wheels. Hear me and give me due!! In the spirit of Bumper cars, ramming into your conscious or conscience,. for your own good, of course.

~wink wink~ C'mon in! We serve condescension, gluten free, of course.

2 Responses to “of Anonymity”

  1. Alice said

    This is a very pretty turn at an ugly (human) truth. Your treatment of such things…the need/want to be accepted by others all around for being progressive and “open minded” is done very well. Have I ever told you I envy your sense of irony? Here, reading and re-reading, I do. Very well done, REH. As per usual.

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