of Regard

November 15, 2013

deliberately and ever so slowly, Ms. Chevron placed the hard bound book onto her knees.
We, her class, were completely silent, rapt. Understanding somehow the event to follow, sacred.

Looking intently, resting her gaze momentarily on one student to another, she aptly conveyed this ritual was not to be trifled with but to be given the full weight of our attention, lest even a single spoken word lost.

With the flat of her hand, she fixed to the cover and slowly, with great purpose, turned to the title page.

Hesitantly and again looking to us, as if gauging our worth and returning skeptical, she decidedly raised the book and turned it towards us. Pivoting in her chair at the front of the room as she held the book at attention, it’s illustration on display in Lazy Susan manner, so that we might all have a glimpse.

Her pinched index and thumb, obviously veterans to their work, delicately took the corner and folded it over, revealing it’s great, inestimable harvest.
Holding our collective breath and leaning forward by degrees, we were to hear her recite…
“Good Heavens” he said. “I know what this is! I’ve come to the stone at the middle of the peach!”

My life would somehow never be the same.

Love or hate the story, the gift Ms. Chevron passed to me that year, my 4th year of primary school, was not simply a fantastical tale by Roald Dahl, but in her telling, her manner and regard, she helped me give the undertaking it’s due. She instilled in me a life long reverence for the written word and the incredible companion a book would serve, beyond any other, for the duration.

In contrast, I recall very little more of that school year, save that I was to repeat it at my Fathers insistence.
It was to be the love of reading that would see me through incredibly lonely times as a child. It would fill the void left a young, troubled boy, by an equally troubled and young Mother. It would provide much needed respite from inadequacy in the hands of adults, failing the task of adulthood.
It would open doors otherwise shut to a fertile mind, begging for the nutrient in light.
In bare, institutional corners, it was to give passage on ships and planes. On caravans with nomadic tribes, wrought with danger and intrigue. From corners of retreat, I visited every other corner of the world. And was delighted.


Ms. Chevron, by her seeming niggardly ruse, had more of an impression on me than those that would hope to impress on me equally with the tattoo of a strap.
It was her and the knowing of the immense sway she could wield, in simply impressing upon us our fortune at being able and allowed to read.

Not a administrator, nor bureaucrat. Not a politician or preacher…but a Teacher.
For whom I am forever grateful.

A Teacher done that.

6 Responses to “of Regard”

  1. Kate said

    you have advertising? Somehow that distracts from the message.

    • ofreh said

      If you mean the ad at the bottom, I’m not sure what to make of it. I pay for this URL and thought it was to be ad free.
      I’ll need send them a message, I suppose.

      • Kate said

        Yeah, good idea. It is so ugly and flashy it totally clashes with the graphic design and sentiment of your blog. And I don’t pay for mine (blog), and I don’t have ads, so that’s weird. I thought you must be making money of the blog. I’m glad you aren’t trying to do that.

      • ofreh said

        No, I don’t or have ever considered it, Kate.
        Not sure why it would need be a bad thing though.
        Who hosts your blog? I may be switching.

        …oh, and I hope you like the post, at least šŸ˜‰

      • Kate said

        Yes good blog, as a teacher I appreciate it! Teaching is a calling and it is very rewarding. Good for you for getting back to the blogging! Mine is blogger/blogspot from Google, but it is pretty hard to leave comments, so that sucks.

  2. Melodee said

    When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now
    each time a comment is added I get several e-mails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove me from that service?
    Appreciate it!

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